John J. Thompson is a 25-year music industry veteran, author, songwriter, artist, producer and teacher who currently serves as a Creative Director at Capitol CMG Publishing and leads a small group ministry out of his Nashville home. His abiding passions for authentic, spiritually alive art, transformative community, innovative business practices, artisanal living, and home roasted coffee are explored in a forthcoming book (Zondervan / Harper Collins) and can be found throughout his professional, creative and ministry-oriented career. “It’s been an amazing journey so far,” Thompson says. “I’m thrilled when I am able to speak into a community, a business, or a project in a way that is inspiring and helpful.”
John J Thompson
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In 1989, at the age of 19, Thompson founded True Tunes Etc, in Wheaton Illinois, a music store, magazine and concert venue, while simultaneously cultivating his songwriting, performing and worship-leading skills in his band, The Wayside. After leaving True Tunes in 2000 he accepted a position with the Cornerstone Festival, scored a ballet for a local dance school, produced several records and wrote the book Raised By Wolves; The Story of Christian Rock and Roll – all while serving as a pastor at Warehouse Church, an inner-city ministry in Aurora, Illinois. “For me everything bled into one,” he explains of his varied resume. “Whether it was leading worship or preaching at church, speaking at a college, writing, or working with big music companies, or playing with my band in a pub, I thrive wherever faith, art, and people intersect and nothing gives me more satisfaction than connecting folks and unleashing vision.”


Throughout his sojourn in the music business Thompson built a solid reputation as a music critic and feature writer for many publications including CCM Magazine, HM Magazine, Christianity Today and Christian Musician. He  joined Capitol Christian Music Publishing in early 2007 (then known as EMI Christian Music Group) where he currently oversees a roster of Gospel songwriters (Andrae Crouch, Kirk Franklin, etc) and provides Music Supervision services for films, (including the 2013 Lionsgate movie Grace Unplugged.) He is currently a contributor of music and film reviews for and is a regular speaker at colleges, churches, songwriting events and festivals on behalf of Compassion International. Although still a Chicagoan at heart Thompson loves the creative, independent spirit he has found in East Nashville, TN where he lives with his wife (Michelle Lynn Thompson) and four children.

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