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I love that I still get to write about the things that really matter to me. I love that there are some folks who still want to read my comments after all these years. I love speaking and teaching at conferences, colleges and festivals. I love that the internet makes it so affordable to communicate about music, faith, culture and all the rest. It used to cost me upwards of $50,000 to print an issue of True Tunes News.

I don’t love that the web has become so crowded with words, streams, signals and agendas that it can be impossible to find what you actually want to read. I hate that every time I have a few minutes to check out new music or an interesting article I have to wade through so much noise to get to what I want. It frustrates me that my friends have such a hard time finding the things I have written. That is why I’m excited about this blog.

I’m fortunate to be a regular contributor to www.ThinkChristian.net, and I’m thrilled to have started writing for www.ChristianityToday.com as well. But I have had dozens of people tell me that despite my tweets and Facebook links, they missed these articles entirely. If you subscribe to this blog, however, you won’t miss a beat. Everything I write will be linked from here, as well as some gems from the archives:

– Brand new interviews, reviews, commentaries

– Archival articles from True Tunes and other publications over the years

– Previously unreleased interviews from the past 20 years

– Links to audio features, including podcasts

You’ll get a notice whenever something new is published, and a monthly re-cap in case you missed anything. If I find interesting articles I think you might dig I’ll link to those as well. I’ll also start posting reviews, articles, reflections and commentaries that will ONLY be published here on my blog. You should subscribe. Really. Please.

You can choose how you want to be notified, but please take a second and sign up. I promise not to overwhelm you with more noise. If I can coalesce all of us who are still interested in music that is good, true, and beautiful into a large enough tribe we may actually be able to move the needle here. I’ve been building bridges between artists and audiences since I was thirteen years old. I still am. This site is the latest plank in that bridge. Sign up, spread the word, and join in the conversation.



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